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The Benefits Of A Gooseneck Hitch Horse Trailer

Hauling your horses to exhibition and competition events can be an exciting activity. In order to ensure your animals arrive safely, you need access to the right trailer.

There are many different types of trailers available on the market today. Selecting a trailer that features a gooseneck hitch will allow you to capitalize on the benefits these trailers can provide.

1. Extra Cargo Space

A gooseneck hitch differs from a bumper pull hitch in the way that the trailer is attached to the tow vehicle. When you use a gooseneck hitch, the trailer's tongue is fitted over a ball that is installed in the bed of your tow truck.

This hitch design creates an overhang that can provide you with access to additional cargo space inside your trailer. Being able to store hay bales, spare tack, and luggage in the overhang of your trailer frees up space inside your truck to help make travel more comfortable.

2. Living Accommodations

If you plan to travel frequently with your horses, then you might want to take advantage of the living accommodations that a gooseneck trailer can provide. Hotel rooms can be costly, so spending the nights you are away from home in your trailer can help you reduce travel costs.

The overhang on a gooseneck trailer can be converted into a sleeping space by adding a mattress. Some gooseneck trailers even come with built-in living quarters that have all the amenities you will need while on the road.

In addition to reducing travel costs, the living accommodations in a gooseneck trailer will allow you to remain close to your animals at all times. This will help you prevent injury and theft in the future.

3. Stability

Because the lives of your horses depend on the safety of the trailer you use to haul them, you want a horse trailer that is as stable as possible. Having the tongue of a gooseneck hitch extend over the rear axle of the tow vehicle allows the weight of the trailer to be spread more evenly between the tow vehicle and the hitch itself.

This feature can significantly reduce the amount of sway that occurs when driving at freeway speeds with a full load of horses, tack, and other accessories in tow.

Recognizing the benefits of a horse trailer with a gooseneck hitch design will allow you to invest in one of these trailers to haul your horses in the future. For more information on gooseneck hitches, contact your local equipment supplier. 

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