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Recovery Gear Every Serious Offroader Should Have On Hand

Wading through muddy trenches, traversing through rocky paths, and climbing over steep obstacles—four-wheel driving can be one of the most challenging, rewarding, and exciting experiences for a driver. If you love taking your four-wheel-drive vehicle off-road, it's easy to see what draws you to these off-the-beaten-path places. However, all this rough and tough terrain can be hard on your vehicle, so you must be prepared if you get stuck.

Too many off-road drivers take off into the outback, wilderness, or woods and have to leave their prized vehicle behind if they get stuck. Check out this short list of off-road recovery tools you should have in case you ever run into problems as an off-road enthusiast. 

D-Ring Receiver Hitch

If you get stuck in knee-high muck and cannot make your way out, you are going to need another vehicle to pull you. The problem here is any logical place to wrap a chain beneath your vehicle is going to be practically impossible to get to. If you have a D-ring receiver hitch in place, the person doing the pulling can wrap a winch, chain, or cable around the ring of your hitch instead. Best of all, you can simply take the D-ring receiver hitch out when it is not in use and stow it in your toolbox or trunk. 

Traction Recovery Tracks

One of the most common ways for off-roaders to get stuck is when they lose traction in a place they thought they could easily truck right on through. For example, if you hit a slope and the gravel is much loser than you thought, you may not be able to get enough traction to get over the slope. Traction recovery tracks work really well in mud, loose gravel, and snow. These rubber traction mats are thickly constructed mats with grips  that you can place just under the tire to give the tire something to grip. 

Magnetic LED Light 

One of worst things that can happen is to be way out in the middle of nowhere in the middle of the night and get stuck or stranded. It is not uncommon for off-roaders to get themselves in these situations and then have to wait for the morning just to be able to see how to get out of their predicament. Make sure you carry a good magnetic LED light in your off-road vehicle for emergency situations. Magnetic lights will affix to the frame of your vehicle so you can see what you need to work on to get out if you do get stuck. 

Keep recovery information on hand from a local company, like R & R Towing, in case you ever need it when driving off-road.

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Recovery Gear Every Serious Offroader Should Have On Hand

Wading through muddy trenches, traversing through rocky paths, and climbing over steep obstacles—four-wheel driving…

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